“Lizzie Morris is a wonderful, wonderful dogwalker/dogsitter. We could not have done without her these last few years, and we wished we got to know her (and Poppy the dog) earlier. You cannot find a more trustworthy, careful and loving dogwalker/dogsitter who has such an ability to work and play with the dogs.

Our dog, Luci loves her and waits for her eagerly on the days she goes for walks with Lizzie (yes, how does Luci know? But she does). Luci used to drool on long country drives with winding roads but ever since she started going out with Lizzie, Luci stopped drooling and became more comfortable and happy on such drives. Lizzie works miracles with the dogs.

Lizzie is so kind, compassionate and helpful. Our last few months in Garstang was so hectic that if it were not for Lizzie stepping in to help (eg. took Luci-dog for the day while the movers were packing the house up), we would not have known what to do given the stress that moves impose on dogs. We miss Lizzie, and Luci-dog misses Lizzie very much too. Thank you so much Lizzie for everything. Most of all, thank you for being an amazing and tremendous human being.”

Derek Sayer & Yoke-Sum Wong, & Luci-dog
(Formerly in Garstang)

mitch-testimonial-icon“Lizzie has been walking our little boy Mitch for about 9 months now and her service has been fantastic! She came along and met Mitch and us at home and had a nice meet and greet session where we could ask any questions and where Lizzie asked us all about Mitch, what he needed, liked and didn’t like.

I think like any dog owner it can be a bit of a concern with a new dog walker but we knew in a very short period that Mitch was happy with his new lunch time pals. Lizzie tailors his walks as best she can with the other dogs on the day so Mitch and the other dogs get the best from the time they are out.

We have told lots people about Lizzie’s dog walking service and would be confident to recommend her and her own super cute dog Poppy as the perfect people to look after your dog walking needs.”

Sara, Mark & Mitch



Lizzie has been a god send as I work full time, and my dog Widget loves to go out with her and thinks she has a second home!
– Brilliant!





Roxy loves her walks with Lizzie, Poppy and the rest of the pack. Being a rescue dog she has benefited enormously from being socialised. She sits and waits for Lizzie to come and pick her up. Great service and value for money.





Lizzie is reliable, flexible & a source of useful advice. Bubba adores her and Poppy. I regularly recommend her services to other dog owners.





Lizzie has been a fantastic find for us – she is so reliable and good with our dogs – she has become a good friend too which says it all.

George and Nero