Terms and Conditions

All dogs over 2 years old must be neutered and all dogs must be fully vaccinated.

I will walk your Dog for the time and 
on the days agreed from the Client’s address, unless another address has been given. I reserve the right to walk other dogs at the same time, but the total number of dogs walked with me at one time will not exceed 5. My Dog numbers policy is a maximum of 5 however we retain the right to walk more in the event of a last minute call from one of our clients or an emergency.

I will walk your Dog on other occasions by arrangement and always aim to be as flexible as possible.

I will provide this service personally but may on occasion walk with a companion who understands my business and your dogs needs.

The Client will either ensure that access is given to collect 
your Dog from the agreed address at the agreed times or provide me with a key to the location where the Dog is kept. We will use the key to collect and return the Dog and for no other purpose and will keep it safe, (only a reference to the address will be with the key not the actual address for security purposes) not let anyone else have it, not copy it and will return it to the Client on request.

The Client will supply suitable collars or harnesses and leads [and when necessary muzzles] for the Dog and any coats or other accessories that you wish to be used. We will be entitled to refuse to walk your Dog if a suitable collar or harness and lead is not provided.

My charges are at the rates set out
 on this page.

I always aim to be on time to walk your dog, however, there may be the odd occasion due to elements outside of my control such as traffic that I am late. If this is the case I will still aim to be within 1 hour of the agreed time and if there is a serious issue on the roads I will contact you to advise.

The Client will inform me fully of any characteristics of the Dog
 which needs to be known for handling and care of the Dog to ensure your dog, other dogs any myself are safe and enjoy our time together.

Either party may terminate this notice with one week’s notice.

Any cancellation of a booking must be at least one day in advance or full charge for the arranged will still have to be paid.

I am fully insured and my cover includes: Pet Business insurance, covering Public Liability, care custody and control and key cover.